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Visit the ‘Poblenou Fàbrica / Fabrica’ exhibition

An experimental living archive intertwining past, present and future

Discover a unique laboratory-exhibition through the history of local manufacturing in Barcelona’s neighbourhood of Poblenou. An interactive experience that promotes the district’s inclusive and diverse potential and reveals how its productive character has been transformed over the decades. From May 5 to June 15 only.


Photo credits: Fab Lab Barcelona

‘Poblenou Fàbrica / Fabrica’ presents an evolutionary portrait of the neighbourhood through its collective memory, in a tribute to its past, present and future. From Fab Lab Barcelona we are delighted to present you with the opportunity to take a glimpse into the transformation of local manufacturing.

The exhibition, based at Ca l’Alier, allows the visitor to physically enter through the past and leave through the future (or vice versa) in order to experience the transformation of Poblenou from a territory of factories to a collective of people who manufacture. The materials used have been locally sourced with recycled materials in the most sustainable possible way.

Join us and embark on an eye-opening journey through crafts and technology, through the tangible and intangible elements of the real industrial heritage that make the first living archive of Poblenou.



The making of:
How did we make it happen? 

The exhibition was created through the collaborative effort of manufacturers and the local artisan community, as well as makers and other creatives from the neighbourhood. Following a participatory process, they took part in workshops and discussions for the development of the narratives that brought the exhibition to life.

One of the results was the creation of a collective embroidery supported by Un Taller para Todas and La Clandestina Poblenou which will be presented at the opening of ‘Poblenou Fàbrica/ Fabrica’. In another activity hosted by Naifactory Lab participants used orange peel, coffee powder, ashes, olive pits, among other organic materials, to give them a second life by using them to create artistic panels that will compose a creative installation for the exhibition. These are just a couple of the collaborative projects that will be featured throughout the duration of ‘Poblenou Fàbrica/ Fabrica’ – visit to discover more!

Important factor which is at the core of the exhibition production since the very beginning is sustainability. All used materials were purchased at local stores in the Poblenou neighborhood, with the aim of promoting responsible consumption and the local economy. Designed for disassembly, all the exhibition stands can be reutilised for future events.

Photo credits: Fab Lab Barcelona

Not your regular exhibition

‘Poblenou Fàbrica / Fabrica’ will be enriched by many additional events in order to provide visitors with a variety of takeaways from both practical and theoretical points of view. Public speakers will join the conversation: from artists to architects, activists, politicians, students, teachers, professionals and, of course, neighbours and makers.

Fabrication workshops will take place to ensure that participants leave with a practical know-how. Round tables will present opinions of different experts, representatives, and activists from various sectors to enhance our collective knowledge or relevant subjects. Guided tours will assist visitors to better understand the contents of the exhibition and not miss out on what’s important. An open-air cinema session will provide an even deeper glimpse into Poblenou’s roots with the Festival Resllisquín.

Round tables:



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