The Challenge


The Challenge

With the industrial revolution, technology was introduced to society, creating significant economic benefits to regional and national economies. However, globalisation resulted in European cities losing a large volume of their manufacturing capacity, transitioning into a knowledge economy. As a consequence, manufacturing jobs have decreased and neglected industrial areas have fallen into decay.

This EU-funded project aims to develop and demonstrate strategies, approaches and solutions for the regeneration of industrial historic sites and areas as creative production and manufacturing hubs that stay true to the ecological challenges of our time.

The areas will also boost a diverse, inclusive and innovative urban economy and use heritage as a catalyst for innovation and social inclusion.


  • Shape new socio-economic and sustainable identities of industrial historic sites
  • Foster social inclusion through craftsmanship culture and heritage
  • Rethink the way cities govern their material resources

The project is based on project-based learning, focusing on the role of heritage and vocational training, including digital fabrication tools and soft skills connected to local challenges and needs, and, at the same time, producing social and environmental impact by adopting the principles of circular economy in new urban transformation processes.

Ultimately, CENTRINNO tests and assesses innovative strategies, approaches and solutions for alternative urban regeneration processes in different European sites.