05 July 2024

Explore the three key platforms from CENTRINNO!

CENTRINNO aimed at developing key platforms for urban regeneration, each one with its own unique features, perspectives and methodologies. We invite you to deep dive into them:


A blueprint for finding, mapping and connecting regeneration strategies in local neighbourhoods

Living Archive

A collection of stories with participatory heritage methods

Fab City Hub Toolkit

A practical and living resource to take the fundamental steps needed to conceive, set up, and run FCHs

Do you want to know more about the Centrinno approach and how to use the platforms ? Check out the CENTRINNO Handbook and Blueprints!


The Handbook ‘Regenerative neighbourhoods in the making’ retraces the practices of neighbourhood regeneration aims to make accessible the project’s methodology and to supports territorial change-makers, from policy agents and urban planners, to designers and citizens.


Consisting of two levels of blueprints, this report offers comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations for the widespread adoption of the CENTRINNO framework and tools across European cities and beyond. Focused on the principles of circular economy, heritage preservation, vocational training, innovation spaces, and social inclusion, the blueprints present the evolution of CENTRINNO’s core platforms and key outcomes from pilot cities, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Blönduós, Copenhagen, Geneva, Milan, Paris, Tallinn, and Zagreb.