A new industrial revolution that puts citizens at the core of sustainable transformation.


Centrinno Whitepaper

This document describes the CENTRINNO approach and vision, including the methods and tools that will be used during the project.

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CENTRINNO is a four-year research project focused on industrial historical sites undergoing transformation. It will showcase the potential of these historic areas to become part of a new industrial revolution that puts citizens at the core of a sustainable transformation. Leveraging the potential of underutilised historic spaces to become creative production and manufacturing hubs, Centrinno envisions sustainable and inclusive futures for the city and its residents. CENTRINNO will test and assess innovative strategies, approaches and solutions for urban regeneration processes in nine European cities. Action research at the neighbourhood level, the project will adopt the principles of circular economy in new urban transformation processes of industrial historic sites into productive and creative hubs.



Europe has the opportunity to evolve the productive model for cities to become circular, where materials stay local, and information travels globally. Within this new industrial paradigm, the project focuses on five core aspects that will be later developed in methodologies and tools, included in the CENTRINNO Framework.

A circular model aims to redefine growth and generate positive societal and environmental impact. It entails a transition from using finite resources, to using renewable ones, while building economic, natural, and social capital.
The features, such as the buildings, languages, or traditions, that we choose together today, with references to the past, in order to design the future.
Vocational Training
Training programs in CENTRINNO connect training and innovation with local needs and traditions, and foster life-long training and a new understanding of craftsmanship.
Social Inclusion
The project adopts a bottom-up approach. Frameworks and methods are co-created by a network of local and global actors in an iterative, inclusive and user-centred process.
Fab City Hub
Emerging from the Fab City Global Initiative, the Fab City Hub represents an evolution of the Fab Lab, makerspace or Living Lab towards embodied exploration and prototyping within and beyond the four walls of a physical space.


CENTRINNO is built upon a unique and highly experienced consortium of 26 partners from 8 EU member states (Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain) and 2 Associated countries (Iceland and Switzerland). The project is coordinated by Comune di Milano and supported in the scientific and technical coordination by IAAC.