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CENTRINNO Focus Group: Workshop #1 Heritage

Discover the main takeaways and watch the recording from the first workshop of the Focus Group

More information on the Focus Group series can be found also on deliverable 6.5 in the resource page.


  • The CENTRINNO approach to heritage has created a high engagement and raised the interest of a variety of stakeholders from Europe and beyond. The Focus Group of external experts has enabled a wider validation of the CENTRINNO multi-voice approach to Heritage regeneration processes and Emotion Networking has been recognised as an inspiring method, with great potential to be up-scaled beyond our project.


  • Collaboration is key in approaching heritage regeneration. Multi-voice engagement and unveiling forgotten stories and neglected actors are key steps in the process. Purely top-down or bottom-up are not straightforward solutions. Heritage necessarily requires multiple perspectives to come together, and each play their role.


  • Industrial heritage is a space of place-making. Therefore, heritage regeneration is a process in constant and continuous making, requiring a systematic engagement of local stakeholders with the widest possible representation (also cross-generational). The traditional approach of simply listening and learning what heritage is and how it should be treated can be misleading, and eventually hamper what should be an incremental place-making process.


  • Emotion Networking allows a more varied set of stakeholder to be involved simultaneously and informally if compared to other more structured engagement methods. This allows to uncover forgotten perspectives, key elements of place attachment and sources of knowledge (including voices from the past) that are available only at the very local scale.


  • Emotion Networking enables different stakes and perspectives to build and learn from each other, allowing to tackle and discuss potentially conflictual situations. In some examples it has proven very effective in increasing the understanding of the local environment, through unveiling some of the challenges that had been falling out of sight with previous and different efforts.

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