Meet the pilot cities


Meet the pilot cities

The alternative urban regeneration processes proposed by CENTRINNO will be welcomed as opportunities in the context of great societal and environmental challenges, leaving no one behind as we lead a transition toward a more sustainable future.

The project fosters productive cities that put citizens at the core of sustainable transformation focusing on nine unique European industrial sites and creative production.

The project involves 9 European pilot cities very different in nature and scale. The focus area in some cases is a neighbourhood, whereas in other cases is a block or a delimited industrial site or a single building. Some cities are focused on one type of craftsmanship or material, and others combine several such as fashion, gardening, media production, wood, wool, food and more.

Cities from a population of 2 million people to just 7 thousand inhabitants include:

  • Amsterdam: Buiksloterham and the NDSM-warf area
  • Barcelona: Poblenou in Sant Martí District
  • Blönduós: Town and municipality in the Northwestern Region of Iceland
  • Copenhagen: Rentemestervej in the Northwest Neighbourhood
  • Geneva: Zone Industrielle de Charmille (ZIC)
  • Milan: Ex-Ansaldo area
  • Paris: Mouzaia and Jardin des Traverses in the 18e and 19e arrondissements
  • Tallinn: Kopli Peninsula
  • Zagreb: Sljeme former factory in the Sesvete district