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31 December



Centrinno Focus Group: Workshops Thematic Focus


When: from March 9 until November 23


CENTRINNO is launching a Focus Group series to external stakeholders to present and discuss our approaches to specific thematic challenges. The initiative has the twofold objective of engaging with important actors to receive feedback on the validation of our concept and tools, but also it aims to be an inspiration window where external stakeholders can reflect on the possible uptake or adoption of similar approaches in different contexts.

An opportunity to exchange views and discover innovative approaches on themes that are common to our jobs and professional challenges. Even more interestingly, the CENTRINNO Focus Group activities aim to be the base room to create new synergies on specific topics, or even new networks of collaboration and future project opportunities.


The CENTRINNO Focus Group consists of a series of five online workshops on the following key topics and with the following timeline:


? Heritage: 9 March 2023 at 1pm CET

? Social Inclusion: 20th April 2023

? Circularity: 15th June 2023

? Vocational Training: 14th September 2023

? Fab City Hubs: 23rd November 2023

Download the PDF for an overview on all the workshop thematic focus.


Watch the first workshop on heritage:

Read the takeaways from the first heritage workshop here.


Watch the second workshop on Social Inclusion:

 Read the takeaways from the second workshop on Social Inclusion here.

Watch the third Focus Group:

Read the takeaways from the third workshop on Circularity here.

Watch the fourth Focus Group:

Read the takeaways from the fourth workshop on Vocational training here.


Watch the fifth Focus Group:

Read the takeaways from the fifth workshop on Fab City Hubs here.