Kopli Peninsula

Pilot objectives:

  • To strengthen community relationships and trust in Kopli by organizing regular cultural and educational community meetups in Kopli 93.
  • To collect, experiment, and teach traditional skills merged with modern innovation to diversify the community and enlarge the collection of tools available for them in times of need.
  • To build an ecosystem of local stakeholders (vocational schools, NGOs, makerspaces, artisans, businesses, activists) to diversify and boost the local productive, creative and economic environment in order to make the neighborhood more self-sufficient and resilient.
  • To build a self-organized community to make the community members more capable for governing without the government.
  • To build a community of researchers to enhance and disseminate the work that we are doing in Kopli 93.


Our mission is to bring people together to revive and upgrade traditional skills and know-how of food production, building, and repairing by applying global design, permaculture, and design thinking for Northern Tallinn citizens in order to make our pilot area communities more resilient for the future.


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