Pilot objectives:

  • The Copenhagen pilot aims at exploring how to combine the urgent needs of urban development while preserving the industrial heritage and its local communities in the former industrial area of Copenhagen Northwest. The main objective is to foster the creation of a distributed network of existing hubs capable of preserving this mixed and vibrant landscape while fostering sustainable and inclusive urban communities and environments.


  • Main challenges of the pilot area 
  • Two main challenges guide the work of the Copenhagen Pilot:


      1. There is a presence of many different stakeholders and initiatives in the area but a low level of interaction and exchange of knowledge and resources among local actors. 
      2. Local creative and production businesses struggle to access affordable spaces due to the gentrification process the area is undergoing. 


  • Addressing the challenges 
  • The Copenhagen pilot team is addressing these challenges through three strategic missions:


      1. Testing different types of business models to facilitate access to affordable spaces thus maintaining a thriving neighborhood. 
      2. Testing a distributed hub model, structured as a network of existing spaces that aims to support local initiatives and foster exchanges and opportunities among stakeholders. 
      3. Developing a collaboration with local educational institutions to support social inclusion, innovation and production in the pilot area.

Contact the Copenhagen pilot:

Stine Milling, special advisor, City of Copenhagen : [email protected]



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