Town and municipality in the Northwestern Region of Iceland

Pilot objectives:

  • To further develop the Icelandic Textile Center in Blönduós, Iceland; strengthen it as a lively textile hub and center of textile education, research and innovation, building a bridge between traditional handcrafts and digital technology
  • To continue the developing of the makerspace – the TextileLab – in Blönduós, which is up and running, where scholars, students, artists and makers have access to expertise, work facilities and digital equipment for textile work and experimentation, learn new skills and develop ideas with the principles of a circular economy in mind
  • To focus on the use of sustainable materials and local resources such as Icelandic wool, fish skin and seaweed
  • To develop workshops and vocational training, increasing knowledge and raising awareness on topics such as textile waste, circular economy, sustainability, and the potential of textile innovation, e-textiles and bio-textiles
  • To research the current situation, historical heritage and gendered dimensions of domestic crafts and textile work in Iceland and connect with partners to establish a textile cluster in the region


Contact the Blönduós pilot:

Elsa Arnardóttir: [email protected]

Katharina Schneider: [email protected]


Local website:

Info on Centrinno




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