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17 April - 23 April


Kopli 93, Tallinn

Soil is gold – Tallinn


Discover an interesting event around the soil topic within the Tallinn Pilot, which will take place on 17-23 April in Tallinn.


How often do you think about the soil?


Soil is the foundation of our lives, our health and our food supply, yet we know little about the world beneath our feet. Our soil needs help and since we at the Kopli 93 community centre already deal with mending quite a bit, we thought to delve into the topic of soil and learn how to improve its situation.


?? From the 17th-23rd April, Tallinn / Kopli 93 is hosting a theme week “Soil is gold”, where we will sow a variety of workshops and 7 different podcast episodes with Estonian experts and researchers.


? The focus of the week will be the value of soil, its situation and problems. Together with experts we will also look for solutions to these. We ask – what is happening to our soil and how is it affecting our health and the world we live in?
? We will talk about the relationship between soil and wellbeing, the impact of pesticides on soil, the environment and people. We will also look at how to manage food waste wisely, how the policy making around the soil works and the potential for change from both the people’s and the system’s perspective.
? We will find out how we got to a situation where a large part of the world’s soils are in a poor state. But also – what led to it.. is it human greed or something else?
? We also ask – what can be done? What can me, you and everyone do and what is beyond the power of the individual? We want to know what lies ahead if there is no systemic change in the way we see and deal with the soil.


?? In the studio, Estonia’s top scientists and experts will be answering questions. We take a closer look at soil and share #soilworthy thoughts!


The podcasts:


?? 18.04 6 PM – Making compost from bio-waste
Management of bio-waste at both domestic and industrial scales and different solutions. The instructors are Teele Sikka and Markko Mäll from Nutriloop.


?? 19.04 6 PM – The bio circular economy – bio-waste as an integral part of food production 
Using compost in a sustainable system. Links between human, soil and ecosystem health. Where are we and where are we going? The instructors are Teele Sikka and Markko Mäll from Nutriloop.


?? 20.04 6 PM – What’s in the soil? 
We will dig and exlpore the soil’s secrets together with the geologist Sander Olo. Also suitable for children!

Creating of Kopli 93 community hub is possible thanks to Centrinno project supported by funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement number 869595. The project is coordinated by TalTech. Read more at https://centrinno.eu/