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09 June

11:00 AM-12:00 PM


Business & financing models for tomorrow’s heritage


A Webinar organized by Hub-In, CENTRINNO and T-Factor as part of the New European Bauhaus Festival 2022


This one hour webinar will be structured as an on-line talk presenting different voices about inclusive and sustainable urban regeneration processes in underused heritage areas in European Cities. Three different approaches to business models and financing systems will be presented, stemming from sister projects HUB-IN, CENTRINNO and T-Factor.


The cases are wrapped in a single fictional storyline that develops into the event programme:

Can Jane save her city’s old factory? Being a young entrepreneur from a mid-sized European city, Jane is fully dedicated to turning the abandoned building into a flourishing place; a vibrant destination that people and businesses want to be a part of. But the journey is difficult and along the way Jane finds more questions than answers:


  • How can we take the abandoned factory back to the days when it was a thriving community ?
  • Can we turn it into a sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful space?
  • Why are some old buildings coming back to life while others are not?


In just 60 minutes we will bring together the best of three European projects, and active audience members, to help Jane save the old factory.


UPDATE 20.07.22: new article can be found here: https://hubin-project.eu/how-to-save-your-citys-abandoned-factory/


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