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11 May

8:00 PM-8:00 PM


The French Method

11 May – 15:00 – 20.00

Discover and join in Paris the local event created by the Paris Pilot!

An event – at the crossroads of a seminar and a debate – dedicated to urban agriculture, and more specifically to the French Method. 




French Method: what is it?



Paris has not always been an abundant (and polluting) industrial basin. As surprising as it may seem, in the 19th century the Ile-de-France basin was a fertile and innovative breeding ground.
The French Method represents a set of specific techniques and agricultural knowledge from this period that enabled this territory to achieve an exceptional level of output.

Much more than a simple catalogue of techniques and practices, the French Method is a philosophical positioning combining art of living, horticultural design and relational aesthetics (man/plant, plant/plant, man/man).

? What remains of this knowledge and these tools?

? How, and to what extent, is it possible to reactivate this heritage in the current urban context?

? Is it possible to put these practices back on the agenda while associating cutting-edge technologies (AI, robotics…) while preserving the essence of this approach?

This is the theme of the French Method event: rediscovering the methods and techniques of the 19th century under the light of speakers specialised in the subject; whether they are researchers, professors or experienced market gardeners.

We invite you to join these speakers and discover this subject in a friendly and inspiring environment: the Fab City Hub!




-Jean-Michel Roy – doctor in history, ethnographer and consultant – specialist in Parisian market gardeners
– David Colliaux (remote) – researcher at the SONY Computer Sciences Lab – is developing an AI to synthesise the market gardening guides of the time to derive an operating manual that can be activated today.
– Sébastien Goelzer – co-founder of Vergers Urbains and Toits vivants
– Alexandre Mézard and Vincent Guimas – coordinators of the Parisian pilot of the CENTRINNO programme.
– Peter Hanappe – researcher at the SONY Computer Sciences Lab – head of the Sustainability department
– Messrs Kersanté, Gravet and Hernandez – retired market gardeners
– Rodolphe Sabatier – researcher at INRAE



15.00 – Welcome of the public & Introduction
15.30 – CONVERSATION : Sébastien Goelzer & Jean-Michel Roy – Bye bye urban agriculture, welcome the “French Method”

The past

16.10 – CONFERENCE: Jean-Michel Roy – “Once upon a time, the French Method
16:30 – CONVERSATION : M. Kersanté, Hernandez & Gravet – Testimonies of the last market gardeners of the “French Method

The present

17.15 – CONFERENCE: David Colliaux & Alexandre Mézard – How to make this plural agricultural heritage readable?
17.30 – CONVERSATION: Peter Hanappe & Sébastien Goelzer – Robotics for urban agriculture and experimental farms, a winning combination?

The future

18h30 – CONVERSATION: Christian de Carnavalet & Vincent Guimas – The French Method tomorrow: economic interest and response to future challenges
19:00 – Aperitif – Discussion!