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15 February

12:00 PM-1:00 PM


Meet the founders of the first Fab City Hubs on-the-making in Europe!


Fab City Hub Voices is a series of webinars to learn about the challenges involved in activating productive and creative hubs, but also to understand all the opportunities they open up for the local innovation ecosystem. Through these meetings we aim to highlight the difficulties and challenges faced by the promoters of these spaces, but also the progress they propose for the territorial ecosystem along 5 main lines: Circular Economy, Social Inclusion, Vocational Training and Heritage.

Guest speaker: Ragnheiður Björk Þórsdóttir

Ragnheiður will tell us about how a Fab City Hub is being developed in Blonduos, Iceland

The focus of the presentation will be the importance of weaving in Iceland in the past, present and the future. She will introduce us to the history of weaving, the development from the Warp – weighted loom to the floor loom and to the digital TC2 loom by going through the four stages of the history of weaving. In addition, she will talk about the importance of the Textile Center, the Textile Lab and how the idea of the FCH is contributing to our future goals and vision for the 4th stage of weaving in Iceland.


Ragnheiður studied at Icelandic College of Art and Craft 1980 – 1984, at John F. Kennedy University 1984 – 1985 dep. of experimental textiles at Fiberworks, Berkeley, Ca. and at the University of Akureyri and graduated with an M.Ed., pedagogy in Art education, 2009. Today Ragnheidur works part time at the Textile Center as the main weaving expert and instructor for the TC2 loom at the Textile Lab. She is a freelance lecturer, researcher, and teacher and is still running her weaving studio, taking part in exhibitions every now and then.