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08 February

10:00 AM-12:30 PM


CENTRINNO, HUB-IN and T-FACTOR are three Horizon 2020 projects that share the common goal of demonstrating viable ways forward to the regeneration of historic urban areas across Europe into hubs of entrepreneurship, socio-cultural inclusion, and innovation. Since their inception in 2020, these projects have been collaborating as a cluster of knowledge exchange and co-creation, sharing, and contrasting perspectives, approaches and methods across the many and complex factors that are at play in urban regeneration.

With this workshop, the projects join for a deep dive into the main learning, challenges and opportunities spotted so far for policy innovation and novel institutional actions for urban regeneration – towards joint recommendations that can contribute to a European enabling environment for transformative urban regeneration.

The workshop is designed as a joint laboratory for the exchange of project experiences in order to distill common challenges, learnings and policy innovation options. The outcomes will be documented in a Policy Report, which will be later shared with the targeted audiences. For this, it is mainly addressed to the partners of the three projects, but we welcome contributions and insights from other relevant projects, both ongoing and recently ended.


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